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Angry Scottish Feminist | Survivor| Write About VAW, Mental Health, Abuse and Growing up in Care

Being ‘one of the good guys’ does not elevate you from the responsibility of learning about and taking steps to prevent harassment and violence against women.

This week, the UK has been forced to grapple with the reality of how women live in fear every day of our lives. The disappearance of Sarah Everard in South London and the arrest of a Metropolitan Police Officer for her murder has ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ men across the country.

When Sarah disappeared, she was wearing bright identifiable clothing. She took the well lit main road. She called her boyfriend on route and he…

Mental Health ‘Awareness’ deserves more than just a week.

On this day, seven years ago, I tried — for the first time — to end my own life.

Nothing about this day was particularly unusual. There were no major reports in the news — nothing that would go onto shape the world as we know it. It was just an ordinary Monday. Perhaps one a little on the cold side, as we edged closer to Britain’s coldest winter in 27 years. In the quiet dainty village I lived in, things were peaceful, as they always were. The river flowed the same. The trees blew in the wind. …

Today, Scottish Charity, MCR Pathways released research that highlighted that children in care can achieve the same academic results and have the same life chances as those raised by their parents if they have mentors to support them through their school careers.

This research not only shows that Children with MCR mentors were more likely to stay on at school and then to go to university than other Care Experienced children without mentors. It shows that when someone gives Care Experienced people the right support and offers them a chance to thrive, we can, and we will.

In light of…

Star pupils may lose university places to disadvantaged.

My place in society was confirmed from a young age. My first experiences with the world being a council/housing association estate in Scotland’s capital.

I lived in a small three-bedroom house that was massively overcrowded for the first nine years of my life. There were nine of us in total — seven children, made up of step siblings and two parents. The five boys had to share one cramped room, while I was somewhat lucky to share a room with my only sister.

The truth is, there are very few times I…

Ever since I was a child, mental illness has followed me around, like an unwanted and unpleasant imaginary friend – one that no matter how hard I tried to part ways with, would never get the message to leave me alone.

Everywhere I went, it would come along with me – 5 steps behind me, never far enough away that I couldn’t feel its presence, but far enough away that those around me would remain unsuspecting.

I often felt like Peter Pan – except Wendy hadn’t sewn on my mischievious shadow to stop it escaping. …

One step closer to owning a home.

Growing up, I always found myself forming deep connections to people, objects and places. I struggled with attachment — this being down to the fact my birth mother left my siblings and I when I was just two years old.

I have always been extremely sentimental, I hold onto things that are dear to me and that remind me of memories and times I don’t want to forget. So much so, I have every single card I have ever received since my 11th birthday.

I grieve the loss of objects and places the same way I would grieve over a…

Inside the mind of a child sexual abuse survivor.

When I was a child, I had what seemed to the naked eye, an ordinary life. I had the same sparkle in my eye as every other child my age had. I took on every day with curiosity, eager to learn more about the fascinating and at times, terrifying world around me.

I adored Bear in the Big Blue House. I wore sparkly hair clips and treasured my favourite teddy bear, Kenji. My days involved running around in the garden and scribbling outside the lines of my colouring book.

The most exciting thing that could happen was having turkey twizzlers…

An open letter to the man who sexually abused me when I was a child.

Cast your mind back to your six-year-old self. No doubt you’ll remember your first day of school, your favourite toy, the hideous jumper your parents never had you out of. You’ll remember not having a single care in the world, how slowly time went, how falling off your bike was the worst thing you could imagine happening to you. You’ll reflect back on the very innocence of your childhood.

Now, imagine your childhood differently, one plagued by memories of your innocence being manipulated, exploited, stolen away from you. …

Charlotte is a three year old girl. She has abandonment issues due to an absent parent and sometimes she struggles to know whether she is coming or going, but despite these difficulties, she is an affectionate and thoughtful little girl who would make the perfect daughter.

Charlotte has some health issues, she suffers from severe asthma and it is suspected that she has brittle bones. Therefore, anyone who is willing to adopt her must be able to manage her complex needs. Could you be Charlotte’s new forever family?

How would you feel if you stumbled across an advertisement of you…

I have been following the Brett Kavanaugh hearing over the last week or so and it has become increasingly difficult not to comment on what we have witnessed unfold all across social and print media.

Earlier this year we watched another high profile trail unfold on social media in Ireland. The case against a party of International rugby players, one of which the accuser willingly went home with, just not the others who attempted to get ‘involved’ in the rape/sexual assault.

The accused were acquitted, only after the victim faced 60 hours in the witness stand defending the make up…

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